Using Sticky Notes

Before you start writing, it can help to plan what you want to say. Sticky notes can be very helpful with this. Jot down your ideas on them and then move them into the order you want. You can also add to your points by using another sticky note or just remove one altogether.

Marie has just completed her training as a hairdresser. She’s now a stylist. As part of her new duties, Marie will induct new trainees into the workplace. She wants to write an information leaflet for trainees. This will give them an overview of the work in the salon so that they can be knowledgeable in front of clients. She planned her writing by first jotting down all her ideas on sticky notes: 


 Then Marie arranged her points in the order she wanted:


Marie can now make her first draft of the information leaflet.  

Last modified: Friday, 6 March 2020, 8:30 AM