Identifying Words with Double Letters

Identifying Words with Double Letters
Some words may be confusing if you’re not sure whether they have double letters or which of the letters are double. You can find ways of remembering the double letters by thinking of phrases or sentences to jog your memory (these are called mnemonics).
eg necessary - It is necessary for a shirt to have one collar and two sleeves (‘c’ and ‘ss’). 

Choose up to four words from the table below. Make up phrases or sentences to help you remember how to spell the words. Alternatively, choose some other words with double letters that you want to learn.


Making up a memory phrase 
1. Work on the part of the word you find difficult.
e.g. In the word accommodation, the double ‘cc’ and double ‘mm’ are often hard to remember. 

2. Make up a phrase that will remind you of the difficult part of the word, as well as the whole word you’re trying to remember. 
eg For ‘accommodation’, you could think of two people with the initials CC and MM sharing a house together. Your memory phrase or mnemonic would then be something like: Cheerful Charlie and Mad Mary share accommodation.  

3. Once you’ve invented a phrase it may also be useful to try and draw it. This can also help to fix it in your memory. 

4. The best phrases are often the ones you make up yourself - most people are more likely to remember something that’s silly or even slightly rude! 

Tip: When learning the spelling of a new word, it can be useful to think about word families so that you can learn the spelling of more than one word at the same time. Are there other words with the same root but with different beginnings or endings? For example, as well as ‘embarrass’ you could learn ‘embarrassment’; or you could learn ‘accidental’ at the same time as ‘accident’. 

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